Android Enterprise: flexibility and choice

Android provides the greatest flexibility, security and ease in managing your devices.

Android Enterprise: management overview

Android offers management options for any deployment, from strict lock?down devices to personally?enabled and single?use scenarios.

Android Enterprise management datasheet

Android makes it easy to manage every enterprise device use case.

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Company-owned devices datasheet

Learn how Android offers flexible and secure management options for corporate-owned devices.

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Android Enterprise: security overview

With multi-layered security protections built in, Android Enterprise works to keep company data safe and personal data private on all mobile devices.

Android security white paper

Learn how our industry-leading security practices protect organizations of all kinds.

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Android security datasheet

Learn how Android Enterprise Recommended makes it easy for businesses to select, deploy and manage Android devices.

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Android security: 2018 year in review

Get an overview of our security protections and read how Google services protect the Android ecosystem.

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Android Security and Privacy 2018 Year in Review overview

Dave Kleidermacher, Vice President of Android Security and Privacy discusses the highlights from the Android Security & Privacy 2018 Year in Review report.

Android security: 2017 year in review

Get an overview of our security protections and read how Google services protect the Android ecosystem.

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Android device choice datasheet

Android offers the world's broadest mobility hardware ecosystem.

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Android Enterprise Recommended (Rugged)

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Device Admin deprecation datasheet

Learn how to migrate from Device Admin to modern management with Android Enterprise.

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Android Enterprise vs Device Admin

Why you should migrate from Device Admin to Android Enterprise.

BYOD datasheet

Learn how Android privacy and productivity works on employee-owned devices using the work profile.

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Zero-touch enrollment datasheet

Get an overview of how Android zero-touch enrollment works.

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Zero-touch enrollment overview video

See how zero-touch enrollment makes deployment simple and secure.

Zero-touch enrollment setup video

See how easy it is to set up zero-touch enrollment for your organization.

Android Enterprise: migration plan

Best practices for migrating from Device Admin to Android Enterprise.

Android Enterprise Recommended datasheet

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